Typing Master Pro Final Version 2013 is an advanced typing tutor

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Typing Master Pro Final Version 2013

Typing Master Pro Final version 2013 is an advanced typing tutor software that offers incomparably sophisticated typing strategies. Typing As typists (or word processor operator), typists responsibility is to produce letters, reports and other important documents.Typing Master Final Version 2013 experienced team of typists are excellent at typing  fast and accurate. We specialize in copy typing which involves working from hand written, printed or typed documents. However, we do not entertain audio typing or shorthand typing works. Typing Master Final version 2013 is a newly released typing software which includes a series of innovative technologies and strategies for making touch typing very easy to learn. promote effortless and accurate typing in the least possible time.

Upon releasing Typing master final version 2013,eReflect software company encouraged all typing beginners to strive to become pro typists and make it into the top 1% of touch typists. According to the software developers this is an easy task to accomplish, thanks to the resources provided by the Typing master final version 2013 system. Typing master final version 2013 has made sure that the proper technology is available, so all typing beginners need to do is take up the challenge and see if they can make it to the top 1% of pro typists. With its user-friendly and expert-designed activities all users can improve their typing. Accurate typing is possible thanks to Ultimate Typing. Plus, eReflect provides a money-back guarantee that cannot be matched.


1. Disable Network adapters/Internet connection
2. Install the program ( wait until finish installation )
3. Launch TypingMaster Pro, and enter license:
                 License ID: Don Moy
                 Product Key : 646MW-37XU-HLS-4PCNH47
4. Close the program and go to program files folder of TypingMaster (e.g. C:/Program Files/TypingMaster )
5. Right Click on file "tmaster8.net" and go to properties and apply attribute "Read Only"
6. Then you can enable network adapters / internet connection


    Name: Don Moy

    Serial: 646MW-37XU-HLS-4PCNH47


    Typig Master Pro Final Version of 2013 requires Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista
    or a newer 32-bit (or 64-bit) Windows operating system.

    Hardware Requirements:

    • Pentium 300 MHz or faster recommended
    • Minimum display area 800x600
    • High Color display (more than 256-colors)
    • 32 MB of RAM
    • 20 MB free hard disk space 

    File Information:

    • Version        :    2013
    • Format       :    Torrent
    • Size            :    4.40 Mb
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